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The sea bed off the Donegal coast is littered with shipwrecks amassed over the past 500 years of nautical exploration. From White Star Line Sailing vessels to World War 1 German submarines, the relics on our ocean floor are as magnificent as the stories that accompany their demise.

With some of the finest diving in Europe, companies such as Mevagh Diving Centre have flourished over the past 15 years running recreational and technical diving trips for all levels of qualified divers. Divers can choose from an excellent selection of wreck, scenic or drift sea dives.

Mevagh diving centre is located just a short drive from Rathmullan House and will offer guests the opportunity to experience world class diving before returning to the luxury of our lounges in the evening.

For more information contact:
Mevagh Diving Centre - + 353 7491 54708 or visit