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Malin Head

The most northerly point of Ireland is found at Malin Head which is a location steeped in history and not short of photo opportunities. Guests at Rathmullan House can make use of the Swilly Ferry in summer months and drive along the Inishowen Peninsula to the famous ‘Banba’s crown’, the most Northerly point of Ireland. The name Banba derives from a mythical queen of Ireland which adds to the mystique of this beautiful location.

On a clear day visitors to Malin Head can view the hills of Scotland across the water and on low tide the wreck of ‘the Twilight’ is visible which sank on its maiden voyage to Derry in 1889. Malin Head is an area for all tastes, including walking, fishing, swimming, photography, studying rock formations or rare flora and it is close to Inishowen’s splendid golf courses.

Aurora Borealis or ‘the Northern Lights’ as they are more commonly known have been seen over Malin Head and north Donegal on cold dark nights in Winter. Visitors who manage to get a glimpse of this natural phenomenon should really thank their lucky stars!

Add to this some of the largest sand dunes in Europe, historical signal stations and an ancient lighthouse and it is easy to see why a trip to Malin is well worth the journey across the Swilly from Rathmullan.